CAPANINA Final Exhibition

Venue: Kings Manor, York, UK

Monday 23rd October 2006

9:45 index Graham Long (UOY/YEC)

9:50 Introduction to CAPANINA David Grace (UOY)

10:05 Modelling the mm-wave HAP propagation environment
(a) Short term HAP propagation channel simulator Emanuela Falletti (POLITO)
(b) 3 state mm-wave ray based channel simulator for trains Tomaz Javornik (JSI)

11:25 HAPs Broadband Air Interface Design
(a) Wireless standards to deliver symmetric 120Mbps services from HAPs Mihael Mohorcic (JSI)
(b) Enhancing air interface performance Marina Mondin (POLITO)

12:00 Radio resource management & handoff for cellular architectures David Grace (UOY)

12:20 Broadband Networking for HAPs
(a) Network architecture and protocols Tien Van Do (BUTE)
(b) Mobility architecture and routing Roman Novak (JSI)

14:15 Free Space Optical Communications for HAPs
(a) Optical terminal architecture for gigabit optical links Joachim Horwath (DLR)
(b) Attitude stabilisation performance testbed for inter-HAP links Thomas Dreischer (CSAG)

14:55 Antenna and RF Development for HAPs & High Speed Vehicles I
(a) Mm-wave mechanically steerable antennas John Thornton (UOY)
(b) Mm-wave mechatronic antennas for vehicles Qin Xu/John Farserotu (CSEM)

16:20 Antenna and RF Development for HAPs & High Speed Vehicles II
(a1) Signal processing aspects of HAP antenna Yuriy Zakharov (UOY)
(a2) Implementation issues of adaptive beamforming for HAP-to-Trains communications Emanuela Falletti (POLITO)
(b) Power amplifier linearization for HAP applications Eduard Bertran (UPC)

17.20 Finish


Tuesday 24th October 2006

09:30 HAPs spectrum sharing
(a) Radio regulatory strategy for HAPs David Grace (UOY)
(b) Technical contributions to spectrum sharing regulators Ryu Miura (NICT)

10:00 System architecture design with multiple HAPs
(a) Constellation design and planning for multiple HAPs Guanhua Chen (UOY)
(b) Dynamic spectrum sharing for multiple HAP systems Yiming Liu (UOY)
(c) Diversity enhancements from multiple HAPs Tomaz Javornik (JSI)

11:30 Applications and Business models for HAPs
(a) Introduction to applications and modelling approach David Grace (UOY)
(b) Business models for broadband applications the HAP centric and service provider centric models Pairoj Likitthanasate (UOY)
(c) Market case study for Western Hungary Tien Van Do (BUTE)
(d) Event servicing and disaster relief business models David Grace (UOY)

12:30 Broadband HAP Roadmap David Grace (UOY)

14:15 The CAPANINA Trials I
(a) Introduction to the CAPANINA Trial Programme Marco Bobbio Pallavicini (CGS)
(b) Tethered Aerostat in Pershore, UK Mike Fitch (BT)
(c) Mobile Vehicle Trial in Suffolk, UK Mike Fitch (BT)
(d) The Odyssey (Global Observer Prototype) in Arizona, USA Hiroyuki Tsuji (NICT)

15:30 The Stratospheric Balloon CAPANINA Trial in Kiruna, Sweden
(a) Aeronautics & System Integration Marco Bobbio Pallavicini (CGS)
(b) Wireless Tests Andy White (UOY)
(c) Free Space Optics Tests Joachim Horwath (DLR)

16:40 Wrap Up Discussion Exploitation Opportunities Graham Long (UOY/YEC)

17:10 Finish